Our company.

Establecimiento ApĂ­cola Trebolar is a company of more than 40 years of experience in producing and bottling honey. At the beginning of 1975 its owner,  René F. F. Rubiolo , installed his first beehives nearby the town of Sarmiento, located in the centre of Las Colonias Department, Province of Santa Fe, Argentina. In order to set up his family business, in 1978, he founded the company with the following objectives: honey production; processing and packaging beehive produce.

Production process.

Considering the latest trends of the food industry and that honey is a natural food of great nutritional and energetic value for the human body, we strive to implement a production process that guarantees the quality of our products from its extraction from the beehives to the consumers’ hands.

Our philosophy.

Our philosophy finds grounds in being committed to our customers with the aim of offering them a foodstuff with the highest quality, naturally pure and healthy, which contributes from a nutritive and energetic perspective to improve their diet and, thus, their quality of life.